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"Church Security" is a specialist division within SAS Security, we have been installing church security for over 20 years, we know God and we know the industry, we are all Christians, AMEN! 

Churches across the country are being blighted by the theft of lead and copper from their roofs. For criminals keen to cash in on the high price of scrap metals, places of worship often make an obvious target.

With a rapidly growing problem that’s causing untold distress to our parish communities and it’s reaching epidemic proportions - 2011 was the worst year on record for the number of metal theft claims from churches.

Churchwarden Clive Barnes shows damage caused by lead being taken from roof at St Cuthbert's Church. Acting church warden Clive Barnes said: “They came in May and July. They’ve taken lead from the roof and water has seeped in. It’s disheartening. It will put our insurance premiums up. We will have to find several thousand pounds to pay for security. That money should be used to help people and keep the church doors open.” Lytham Stannes Express.

Its a fact the last 4 years, metal theft from churches have now exceeded £25m and rising, with over 9,000 + claims.

It’s not all about replacing the materials that is the problem its also the cost as well, the resultant damage that is carried out, holes in roofs causing leaks and ripped stonework away from pinnacles & towers.

"More than seven churches a day are falling victim to the attacks" says Ecclesiastical Insurance, the number one Insurance provider for churches across the UK. 

We have the answer with one of our approved security alarms you are in safe hands, we offer -

Intruder Alarms

Roof Alarms

Panic Alarms

Remote Alarms

Bells only Alarms

Monitored Alarms to Police or Fire response

CCTV day and night cameras

CCTV images sent remotely to Alarm Receiving Centre on activation

Access Control



Ou company is fully compliant with current SSAIB PD662 2010 BS and EN 50131 standards

Insurance approved GRADE 2, 3, and 4 systems.

All internal components are Environmental Class ll.

All external components are
Environmental Class lV.

We offer interest free payment options and there is a 2 year warranty on standard equipment with our maintenance plans through “CHURCH SECURITY” ONLY.

The down turn with the economy in the UK has caused an increase in the theft of lead and other expensive materials from church roofs and other heritage buildings across the UK over the last year.

We have experienced engineers covering England, Wales and Scotland operating on a 24 hour call out.

A "Church Security" Alarm System is not expensive, call for details or send email with your requirements; we are here to help you!

5% of our profit per job, goes to a local childrens charity.


email: admin@sassecurityltd.co.uk

Tel: 01323 660113